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Abu-Ghazaleh and Audit Bureau Extend Contract for Enhancing Capabilities

Abu-Ghazaleh and Audit Bureau Extend Contract for Enhancing Capabilities

AMMAN - The Arab Society of Certified Accountants (Jordan), chaired by HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, and the Audit Bureau headed by HE Dr. Abed Kharabsheh have extended their contract for training on audit methodologies executed by the Society for the Bureaus employees.  .

HE Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh expressed his pride in the Bureaus confidence in the work of the Society thanking Kharabsheh for his role in maintaining public money in Jordan through building the capacities of the Bureaus employees.

He stressed that this agreement is a continuation of the real partnership between the private and public sectors as per the directives of His Majesty King Abdullah II pointing out that education is a continued necessity stating that the Society and the Audit Bureau are partners in the implementation of this project, due to the support of the World Bank, which always focuses on supporting sustainable projects that build capacities.

The signing reflects the continuation of the Bureau’s confidence in the professionalism of the Society in the implementation of the previous bids professionally and with high efficiency. Under this contract, the Audit Bureau employees, of both genders, shall be trained on the implementation and application of audit procedures manuals in public companies and the joint venture projects, between the public and private sectors, after the implementation of pioneering audit projects at the public companies, according to the best international standards and practices, taking into account the applicable legislation− in addition to the audit conducted on the major partnership projects between the public and private sectors.

It is worth mentioning that the Society has been awarded the tender invited by the Audit Bureau and funded by The World Bank to train the staff of the Bureau on audit procedures on public companies as well as the projects of partnerships between the public and private sectors. The tender has been extended to include a greater segment of the Bureau’s staff.


About the Audit Bureau:

The Audit Bureau has been established in 1952, under the Audit Bureau Law No. (28) of 1952 to monitor the state revenues, expenses and the manner of expenditure. It continues its active role in the oversight of public funds and ensures the soundness of spending the same according to laws and regulations in force.

About the Society:

The Arab Society of Certified Accountants (Jordan) was established in 1986, as a professional accounting non-profit organization by a group of Arab accountants. It aims to maintain the professional independence of accountants, ensure their protection, and the application of professional supervisory measures as a means to elevate the professions of Accounting and Auditing.

About the World Bank:

It is one of the specialized United Nations agencies dealing with development, and focuses on poverty reduction as a broad goal for all its activities. It focuses its efforts on the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals that have been approved by the United Nations membership in 2000, which aim at achieving sustainable poverty alleviation.