TAG-ITI Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Information Technology International

Website Development Audit and Digital Marketing

TAG-ITI’s TAG-Webassists you in bringing your business online in an efficient and effective manner. If your organization already has a corporate website, our website’s auditing team can also perform quality assurance and performance testing against international standards.


3.1 Website Development: TAG-Web has an excellent knowledge in the latest technologies used in developing websites, including PHP, Drupal, WordPress, Java and MS.NET.

3.2 Websites Design: Our work combines modern technology, creativity, professionalism and quality control, in addition to all the exceptional skills that our team members possess. Thus, we succeed in presenting innovative designs that satisfy both our clients’ vision and needs according to international standards accredited in the fields of design.  We focus on the design elements to deliver quality design services to our customers and take pride in having experienced design professionals among our team.

3.3 Website Auditing: TAG-Web is one of the few organizations that offer website-auditing services that cover the major five aspects of websites development process:

  • e-design and structure module
  • e-marketing module
  • e-media / content module


3.4 Search Engine Optimization (SEO):Ensuring that your website is search engine friendly, enriching the website rank and increasing its online visibility.

3.5 Website Optimization (On Page Optimization): On Page Optimization includes all optimization done internally on your new or current website to ensure it is focused on the correct keywords for correct indexing. While this is a crucial part of search engine optimization, On Page Optimization does not increase traffic or position.

3.6 Traffic and Position Building (Off Page Optimization): Off Page Optimization involves all optimization done externally for your website. In other words, we work with other websites, search engines, directories, information websites, and other channels to boost traffic to your site.

3.7 Search Engines and E-Marketing Consulting: We offer hourly or retainer rates on search engine consulting, e-marketing, or traditional marketing.

3.8 Pay Per Click Campaigns (PPC):Utilizing the pay per click model to direct traffic to your website, where advertisers pay you when the ad is clicked.

3.9 E-commerce Applications:TAG-Web provides Business to Business (B2B) solutions that allow businesses to perform all of their commercial processes through systems that support transactions between them and their clients.

3.10 Email Marketing: Sending commercial messages customized to your needs, such as (ads, request business, sales, or donation) to target a group using emails. This method creates trust and brand loyalty among the customers as well as helping in building a brand name for the service/product.

3.11 Media Management System: TAG-Web specializes in building strategic media management systems and outlining what is needed based on the specific requirements of the client.
Media Management Systems help managing the websites of the media agencies with automating workflows to add, edit, delete, archive and update online media files dynamically.

3.12 Blogs, Forums, Polls and Surveys: Building web-based forums and surveys to increase the outreach between companies and clients.

3.13 Wiki Systems: Building Wiki systems that allow users to manage the data dynamically.

3.14 Social Networking Capabilities: Building social networks that allow users to communicate and share interests and/or activities, with the possibility of building and managing static designed pages on the available social networks as a part of E-marketing.

3.15 Search Engines: TAG-Web offers hourly or retainer rates on search engine consulting, e-marketing, or traditional marketing.
TAG-Web works on increasing the number of your website’s visitors by implementing all of the effective Search Engines Optimization (SEO) methods on your website, including On-page and Off-Page techniques.

3.16 Professional Website Content Editing: We can proofread and edit a website content if needed through TAG-Translate, a dedicated team of translators who can help edit content in different languages for use on websites.

3.17 Domain Name Registration and Management: TAG-Web domain registration services covers Generic Top Level Domain Name (gTLDs) services, Country Code Top Level Domain Names (ccTLDs) services and Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) registration services.

By developing strong connections with the local Registries and ISPs throughout the Arab region. Our task is not merely to register domain names, but to constantly communicate with the local Registries and ISPs to provide our clients with the latest updates.

3.18 Content Management System:TAG-Web creates customized Content Management Systems to provide comprehensive solutions to meet the needs of the clients' websites and applications.

The development team is fully knowledgeable with the CMS code and have extensive experience in its development; any request can be promptly made to the system to suit the business’s needs, thereby providing it with greater flexibility using Module-view-controller (MVC) technology.