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Electronic Archiving

Electronic Archiving and Backlog Services

TAG-ITI’s TAG Archiving provides a range of services in the field of electronic archiving and backlog processing to bring the best of this ever-challenging sector into practical business solutions. This enables organizations to reduce their stored paper archives and become more efficient.


- Services:

1. Document Scanning Services 

TAG-Archiving can provide simple scanning of an organization’s paper documents and deliver final digitized versions to the end customer.


2. Document Management Outsourcing Services 

TAG-Archiving can provide end to end document scanning and archiving services from document collection through to final delivery of digitized documents to the end customer, as well as the implementation of a document management system if needed.


3. Document Management Consulting Services 

As TAG-Archiving consists of many highly experienced archiving consultants, we can provide our expertise to organizations that are engaged in looking for a document management solution by providing archiving RFP preparation and associated vendor selection activities.


- Solution:

TAG-Archiving can also provide organizations with an in-house developed archiving solution it has developed. This is a fully integrated system that satisfies best practice archiving standards.

Our archiving system doesn’t require to be installed on every workstation. The system is installed on a central server accessible using a normal browser from any PC connected to the internal network. To enter into the system you need only to authenticate yourself.


The system includes:

1. Document Searching

• Document Management, Full-text Indexing, Metadata & Templates, Bookmarking, Multi-Language Support


2. Document Import and Synchronization

• Import from ZIP archives.


3. Collaboration

• Document Searching; Bookmarking; Email; Notifications


4. Administrative

• Security; Users; Groups; Statistics panel.


TAG-Archiving provides complete implementation and support services for this product.