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Business Solutions

Solutions Development

TAG-ITI E-Solutions offers custom-made information technology that makes your business responsive and gives you an edge over your competitors in a very challenging environment.

Our software solutions study, analyze and take into consideration your current technology and operational activities, your organizational culture, and your path for growth in order to provide you with the right technology.




Applications Development

Our development experience spans across multiple platforms, with applications developed both in-house and for clients. We utilize best-in-class technologies to provide clients with excellent applications.

We offer extremely flexible solutions that help in taking businesses further either through web applications development or through desktop applications development.

We develop custom made software that exactly meets client’s specific business requirements and go through the whole cycle of software development from software requirements gathering and analysis to the delivery of the final software product.


Mobile Applications Development

We provide mobile application development using the leading mobile platforms, Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile.

Our experience in mobile development enables us to offer various services to our customers including proof of concept, requirements analysis and design. Our interactive approach allows us to be responsive and effective.


Intranet Portal (Microsoft SharePoint)

We can provide you with an enterprise portal intranet solution based on Microsoft SharePoint so that the employees can have easy access to information based on different authorizations levels. The solution will serve as a one-stop-shop for the organization’s information, services, and systems.

This solution simplifies the processes of communication; converting the work environment to paperless environment by using SharePoint workflow, in addition to decreasing the time needed to accomplish the administrative tasks.




TAG Accountant

TAG Accountant is a powerful suite of integrated financial accounting and business system for small and medium-sized enterprises. This solution is intuitive, easy to use, robust, multi-user, multi-company, multibranch and multi-currency accounting that help you manage your business and accounting needs. The system’s modules provide an accounting foundation for your business that increases your productivity and profitability.

We utilized the long experience of our accountants and IT developers to include many features that were carefully combined and crafted into TAG Accountant to make it the right accounting software for your business.


Student Registration and Admission System

We can provide you with a fully functional student registration system with both web and desktop interfaces that allows students to register for courses online. The system also has a rich backend administration module that enables the management of courses, semesters, majors, plans, halls, classes, etc.

With our student registration system students and educational institutes can benefit from a wide range of advantages and below are some:

Save time and effort- students no longer need to physically walk in to the education institute premise; all they need is to get Internet access and fill the required applications. Institutes on the other hand can receive applications, organize and manage them all online.

Reduce cost- cut down expenses incurred by the labor and materials required when manuals registration is used.

Easier maintenance and management of data– all students information along with the courses they are registered in, instructors, classes, semesters, etc., stored electronically in dedicated databases, which allow for easy access and management of these data as opposed to the management of paper ones.

More secure- rather than having students information stored on papers, they are now stored online, which reduces the risk of paper loss, damage or undesired access. With information online, you can setup security policies to data that limits access to certain information to intended users only.


Online Exams System

TAG E-Solutions can provide you with a web-based examination system that arms you with the ability to create online exams with different types of questions like single choice, multiple choices, free text, etc.

Teachers, students and training institutes can benefit from our powerful, customized and user-friendly examination system.

With our examination system you can:

•        Setup different types of exams; single choice, multiple choice, true / false, matching, articles and essay

•        Create unlimited number of questions

•        Randomly generate exam’s questions

•        Generate instant results

•        Generate answers sheets for student exams

•        Use different types of questions (Single Choice, Multiple Choice, True or False, Fill in blanks and matching questions)


E-Learning Management System

TAG E-Solutions can provide a fully functional e-learning solution that has been utilized by several education and training institutes for years.

Our E-learning solution has many useful and powerful features including:

•        The ability to view all offered courses as well as registered ones for the current semester

•        The ability to upload ready files or create new ones for available courses

•        Students can add personal notes to lectures for future reference

•        The ability to create groups of students who can share files and receive emails and collaborate in a private forum

•        Integrated survey module

•        Users of the systems are managed into levels and can have different roles

•        A calendar system to organize tasks and schedules for students

•        Administrators can add, modify or delete courses or lessons

•        Personalized authoring and learning environment

•        Flexible course system

•        Control access to courses

•        SCORM, Wikis and Blogs

•        Manage marks

•        Plus many more e-learning management features