What Makes TAG-ITI Different?

Worldwide Presence: Commencing its operations in Jordan in 2001, TAG-ITI has scaled up its operations globally in a span of just a few years. It has a presence in North America, Europe, Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific through TAG-Org offices and valued customers. The global offices help to serve our clients in a more cost-effective and efficient way. 

Strong Alliances: Being a technology-focused company with an objective of serving the technology needs of our clients, TAG-ITI has made strong alliances with leading technology companies. These alliances help TAG-ITI leverage technological expertise and marketing networks.


Among the strengths that distinguish TAG-ITI in the marketplace are: 


Technology Innovation and Implementation: TAG-ITI strives to keep up to date with technology innovations to respond to the demands of the dynamic marketplace. TAG-ITI extends this benefit to its clients by implementing the latest emerging technologies and turning them into leading high-quality proven solutions. TAG-ITI's regional leadership position affords clear advantages to clients.

Proven and Experienced Teams: TAG-ITI's teams of consultants have an extensive portfolio of IT projects implementation performed in accordance with timeline, budget, and quality requirements. Furthermore, TAG-ITI believes in continually enhancing its human capital through investment in education and training. Employees complete certifications and have an ongoing commitment to education and training to keep up with the latest technologies.

Broad and Evolving Service Offerings: TAG-ITI offers a broad range of services to maximize client satisfaction and retention. TAG-ITI services are continually evolving to meet technology trends and market demands domestically and internationally.