ICT Advisory Services

TAG-ITI has an impressive track record of providing many ICT Advisory services to companies worldwide to help better align IT with business functions.
ICT Audit Services
  • General Computers Controls Audit
TAG-ITI’s General Computers Controls Audit Service determines whether the organization has internal controls which provide reasonable assurance that business, operational and control objectives will be met and that undesired events will be prevented, or detected and corrected, in a timely manner.
  • Application Systems Audit
TAG-ITI’s Application Systems Audit Service determines whether organizations’ information system services and related resources adequately safeguard assets, maintain data and system integrity, provide relevant and reliable information, achieve organizational objectives effectively, and consume resources efficiently.
ICT Security and Governance Services
  • COBIT Framework (Assessment, Implementation & Supervision)
TAG-ITI’s COBIT Framework (Assessment, Implementation & Supervision) service provides a generally applicable and accepted information technology management and governance model to deliver value from IT, and manage the risks associated with IT.
  • ISO 27001
TAG-ITI’s ISO 27001 Implementation service assists organizations in building their own information security framework by adapting ISO27001 as a model for establishing, implementing, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining, and improving an information security management system (ISMS).
  • ICT Policies and Procedures Development
TAG-ITI’s ICT Policies and Procedures Development service helps organizations in developing and compiling IT policies in a manner which suitably addresses their environments and operation-specific aspects in order to provide effective governance and management of enterprise IT.
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
TAG-ITI’s Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery service assists organizations in building business resilience and in identifying weaknesses in their current IT environment, including backup and recovery procedures.
  • Network Vulnerability Assessment
TAG-ITI’s Network Vulnerability Assessment enables organizations to take control of their network security and confidently eliminate threats, providing a best practice security approach to easily manage vulnerabilities and ensure remediation.
  • Penetration Testing
TAG-ITI’s Penetration Testing service helps organizations in evaluating the security of their computer systems and networks by simulating an attack by a malicious user.
  • ITIL Framework (Assessment, Implementation & Supervision)
TAG-ITI’s ITIL Framework (Assessment, Implementation & Supervision) service illustrates the benefits of adopting ITIL as IT service management best practices; these benefits include service improvement, efficiency improvement, and better IT- Business alignment. ITIL is considered a means to achieve compliance with ISO/IEC 20000 standard.
  • ISO 20000
TAG-ITI’s ISO 20000 Implementation service provides organizations with ongoing control, greater efficiency and opportunities for continual improvement by adapting ISO 20000’s integrated process approach to effectively deliver managed services to meet business and customer requirements.
  • IT Department Quality Management System
TAG-ITI’s IT Department Quality Management System service helps organizations to identify, measure, control and improve various business processes, which will ultimately lead to improved business performance; hence, the business processes become smooth, well-organized, and easy to control and audit.
  • ISO 22301
TAG-ITI's ISO 22301 implementation service helps organizations to establish and maintain a documented management system to protect against, reduce the likelihood of occurrence, prepare for, respond to, and recover from disruptive incidents when they arise.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Consulting
This service takes into consideration, and is built around, the strategic direction of the client and their requirements for ERP technology.
It includes reviewing the business cycles, associated documentation and outputs from previous audits in order to produce a comprehensive ERP requirements document which accurately reflects the client’s environment and need for ERP technology.
  • ERP Readiness Assessment
TAG-ITI’s ERP Readiness Assessment service assists organizations in determining the current state of its readiness to implement an ERP system, its ability to adapt the envisioned change, and in identifying the weakness areas which need improvement.
  • ERP Audit
TAG-ITI’s ERP Audit service assists organizations in validating how they implemented the ERP business model within their business operations, and in verifying whether they are getting the operating results they were looking for.
Other ICT Advisory  Services 
  • ICT Strategic Planning
TAG-ITI’s ICT Strategic Planning Service assists organizations in defining their ICT strategy and direction, thus contributing to the decision-making process regarding the allocation of their financial budgets and resources.
  • Technology Change Management
TAG-ITI’s Technology Change Management Service assists organizations to transit in a systematic and controlled manner - in terms of their business processes, applications and infrastructure.
  • Vendor Management
TAG-ITI’s Vendor Management Service seamlessly integrates all vendor-related processes and assists organizations from beginning to end: from vendor selection (RFP/ TOR preparation) to vendor contact management and vendor performance management.
  • Project Management & Implementation Supervision
TAG-ITI’s Project Management & Implementation Supervision Service provides a systematic approach to the management of organizations’ projects regardless of their size, duration, and complexity, and to the management of inherent risks, and achievement of successful project completion.
  • Business Process Re-engineering and System Analysis & Design 
TAG-ITI’s Business Process Re-engineering assists organizations in  analyzing and designing their workflows and processes. A business process is a set of logically related tasks performed to achieve a defined business outcome. Re-engineering is the basis for many recent developments in management. When enterprise approach  to developing a management information system aims to integrate a wide number of business functions, then business process re-engineering is the service they are looking for.