Infrastructure Services

TAG-ITI offers a wide variety of infrastructure services led by its experienced infrastructure team. We understand that infrastructure is the backbone of any IT setup and vital to ensure business continuity.

We ensure that you have access to the most experienced consultants who can help you decide what should be in place to ensure that your business remains functional and that your infrastructure is robust and flexible enough to grow with business needs.


Data Center Design Consulting

TAG-ITI can help you build a strategy for complete data center design, from server specifications to rack configuration as well as power and cooling requirements. We can build data center designs from scratch as well as provide analysis of currently established ones to ensure that your data center is in line with industry best practices.

Network Design Consulting

Our network design services are designed to provide organizations with end-to-end network design services from simple network cabling to design and implementation of complex network infrastructures.

Directory Services and Mail Systems

Many organizations face difficulty when putting together directory and mail services. Serving over 2000 users, our experts can assist in developing the most suitable directory structure for active directory or other LDAP-based directory services. We can also consult, design and implement mail services based on Microsoft Exchange for any corporate environment.

Webhosting Consulting

Webhosting is crucial in today’s business environment where organizations cannot afford any downtime which could affect online business or corporate image. We can offer a complete range of webhosting service including virtual servers, domain name registration and related services, DNS services and complete support for webhosting infrastructure from our state-of-the-art data center.

Open Source Consulting

Open source is a particular specialty we have for those organization that do not want to use Microsoft-based environments. We can provide end-to-end consulting services for those looking at alternatives for critical infrastructure based on Linux. This includes consulting and implementation for both operating system and application alternatives, taking into consideration that ongoing support and maintenance is a major factor for organizations when considering open source alternatives as part of their IT infrastructure.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Consulting

Backup and disaster recovery are two key elements for any organization that are only really tested when systems become unavailable. Our consultants can help you design and implement the most suitable backup schedules and disaster recovery plans based on your information retention needs and your requirements for factors such as RPO and RTO, which dictate how long you can go without systems and how quickly systems should be restored. As this is a business decision, our consultants work with your management to determine disaster recovery and backup needs based on corporate priorities to ensure that the best solution is put in place for your needs.