Jordan Duty Free Awards TAG-Archiving Its Electronic Archiving Project

Jordan Duty Free Awards TAG-Archiving ItsElectronic Archiving Project

AMMAN – Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Archiving (TAG-Archiving) was awarded an archiving and backlog project for Jordan Duty Free (JDF), the entity which deals with duty free sales in Jordan.

Mr. Samer Ramahi, Manager of TAG-Archiving said "More companies and establishments are realizing that storing backlogs of paper costs both time and money and there is a need to find other practical and cost-effective solutions."

He added: "The electronic archiving and backlog solution helps organizations reduce their paper records which leads to a saving of space and makes retrieval of such information much easier."

The project with the JDF is to scan and archive a backlog of 1,500,000 documents which will be completed over a period of six months. This will include all backlog scanning, indexing and archiving of all documents as well as training for JDF staff.