Student Affairs and Management System (TAG-SAMS)



A member of TAG.Global digital transformation solutions, TAG-SAMS is a platform designed for Academia to fully automate the overall student registration and administration experience and manage student information efficiently and intuitively.  TAG-SAMS supports both web and desktop interfaces that allow students to enroll in courses online, track progress, check grades, add or drop courses, and much more; ultimately empowering them to have one holistic view of their university journey. The system also has a rich backend administration module that enables the management of courses, semesters, majors, program plans, halls, classes, etc.


TAG-SAMS encompasses both a student portal and an advisory system for academic advisors. Both platforms work in unison to provide students and educational institutions with the following benefits:

  • Saving Time and Effort.  Students can now, with internet access, perform all registration-related processes online, alleviating the need to physically walk across campus and wait in long lines.  At the receiving end, the educational institution will also be able to receive student applications, organize and manage them electronically
  • Reducing Cost.  TAG-SAMS cuts down on all labor and material-related expenses which are typically associated with the manual processes for student registration and affairs
  • Simplifying Maintenance and Data Management: With TAG-SAMS, student information along with registered courses, instructors, classes, semesters, etc., are stored electronically in a dedicated database.  This allows for easy access and management as compared to the legacy paper-based process which is inefficient and prone to error
  • Enhancing Security.  Rather than having student information stored on physical papers, TAG-SAMS allows for the digitization of such data.  This reduces the risks associated with paper loss, damage or unauthorized access. With the data now digitally transformed, security policies can be set up to warrant or limit access to certain data based on user authorization and access privileges