TAG-Apps Launches a Mobile App on Android and iOS Platforms for AIMICT

AMMAN – TAG-ITI’s TAG-Apps has launched a new smart mobile application for The Arab International Society for Management Technology (AIMICT) for Android and iOS platforms, with the aim to meet the increasing demand for its services and courses globally. The application is designed to provide users with rich functionality to help them interactively explore the courses offered by AIMICT and take advantage of other services the professional body offers. Ms. Majd Farahat, AIMICT Executive Director said "The launch of the beta version of the application is the first step in providing users with functionality that has not been previously available. It will provide users with access to the vast amount of services and courses we offer through an easy to use, intuitive smartphone application." She added "The application will eventually feature a mobile learning system which means that users will be able to learn on the go from anywhere in the globe and will help transform the way the professional education is delivered. This is a part of HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh's vision to help democratize education and make it available to any user anytime from any device." The application can be downloaded from the play store/app store, using the keyword 'AIMICT'.