TAG-Archive (Electronic Archiving and Backlog Services)



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TAG-Archive is a powerful digital transformation solution designed to empower users to save time, money and resources by transforming their paper-based legacy world into the digital information age.

The solution allows for the electronic archiving of documents, hence eliminating the cumbersome manual and often error-prone and unsecure processes. TAG-Archive empowers organizations to abandon their reliance on physical documents and greatly reduce their stored paper archives, rendering their processes more secure, efficient and agile.  In addition, organizations can expect to reduce operating expenses by up to 75% with electronic archiving.


At TAG.Global our mission is to help clients become more successful by providing a smart digital transformation solution that is further augmented by professional electronic archiving and business process services.  Over the years, we have developed a rich client base that spans many industries, fields, technologies, and business entities of varying sizes.