The TAG-Org Database is one of the most recent initiatives launched by HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh which  aims to provide a centralized place for the contacts, NGOs, funding agencies, companies, governmental institutions, external experts and in-house experts CVs under different sectors.

The TAG-Org Database team will be working closely with the data owners to collect, verify the data, and the team will coordinate with external companies and societies to enrich the Group's databases from different data sources.

Data owners will be able to update their data through the system that will be provided for this purpose, TAG-Org Database team will be also sharing policies and procedures with the data owners to maintain updating their data.

TAG Database will provide a centralized place:

  • To manage and maintain clients’ contacts, NGOs, funding agencies, private companies and governmental institutions information and contacts.

  • To manage and classify in-house experts CVs and external experts CVs.

  • To manage and classify projects references

  • To track and document employees’ visits to the clients.

  • To track and document submitted offers to the clients.