TAG-ITI's Business Philosophy

Our Goals

As a member of Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Global (TAG.Global), TAG-ITI provides services that complement the broad range of distinctive professional services offered by the holding company to satisfy all of our clients’ needs. Equipped with extensive and unrivalled business experience in the Arab world, combined with an intimate knowledge of social and business cultures, TAG-ITI is able to tailor its services to meet its clients’ needs in accordance with their relevant business environment. By drawing upon the expertise of its dedicated and diverse personnel, TAG-ITI promises to continue responding to the business and individual needs of an evolving world market.


Our People

Our firm is our people. We are proud of the multiple nationalities and diversified backgrounds that characterize our staff. In addition to aggressive hiring of experienced individuals, we recruit our junior staff from universities across the world to ensure a wealth of varied knowledge. With a policy of supplying local as well as international expertise, TAG-ITI has acquired an outstanding record of success among its clients, which include international and pan-Arab government funding organizations as well as leading national and international companies specialized in manufacturing, banking, insurance and commerce.


Consistent Policies

The firm implements a general framework of policies concerning professional practices, staff management and the execution of audit programs throughout its offices, which makes us uniform as a group yet still allows individual contributions to positively influence our progress and development. We have a dedicated quality control department that requires each office to regularly undergo a peer review, carried out by other Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Global offices, to confirm that the method and quality of work are consistent with that of our network worldwide.


Professional Responsibility

We believe it is our obligation to establish and abide by the most ethical professional principles. All Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Global activities are rooted in integrity and carried out with diligence.


Partnership Responsibility

The primary obligation of our partners and executive directors, all of whom share in the company’s development and performance, is to assume the responsibility of our professional practice. We maximize our efforts to expand the partnership by embracing individuals from within the firm who demonstrate the willingness and ability to assume the greater responsibilities of the partnership.


Continuous Development

We constantly design and implement development programs aimed at improving and updating our ability to provide the highest quality and the most comprehensive array of services to our clients. Each partner and employee belongs to a team of professionals. Each is personally committed to the improvement of our services. Our firm is dedicated to developing our staff not only as business professionals but also as individuals. We provide our staff with annual training to ensure that the quality of our service is in line with professional standards and meets the continuously changing needs of our clients. Our training seminars allow our staff to earn continuing education to maintain international accreditation.


Evaluation and Promotion

We continuously challenge our staff with our expectations regarding responsibilities and client assignments. Our staff is regularly evaluated to ensure that we deliver exceptional service to our clients. We promote individuals who meet our challenging expectations, irrespective of nationality, religion, age or gender.


Professional Integrity

At Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Global, we abide by the principles of absolute integrity and treat all client information in the strictest confidence. We insist that each individual within the firm uphold our principles, and we do not tolerate any action or behavior which would adversely affect our integrity or image.


International Aspiration

We believe it is our duty, at both the national and international levels, to provide service to the Arab world in accordance with the highest international standards. Although an Arab institution, we are recognized internationally and thereby can offer our region the same quality of services as provided by the best organizations in the world.


Efficient Management

We focus on improving the growth and competitiveness of large and middle-market businesses through the delivery of business technology advisory, implementation and support services. Our professionals provide objective insight to growing companies and their shareholders during all stages of development, from start up to maturity. They develop personal knowledge and understanding of the client’s business and industry to provide in-depth evaluation of business requirements, plans, architectures and design of operational systems and environments, and/or offer expert assistance in formulating the client’s IT strategy, identifying opportunities and implementing and deploying solutions that best meet and serve the client’s needs and vision.

We are committed to providing a wide spectrum of Information Technology Consulting Services and Project Management Consulting Services delivered by well-experienced and highly qualified consultants, covering all aspects of Project Management that enable IT providers to adapt to market challenges.