Abu-Ghazaleh and Cardiff Metropolitan University Launch E-platform to Facilitate Provision of University Student Services


AMMAN-Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Educational Services (TAG Educa) and UK's Cardiff Metropolitan University launched an electronic platform to exchange information and facilitate services provided to university students.

The launch was announced during an academic workshop for European projects operational in Jordan, Palestine, Syria and Lebanon. It was held at the Association of Arab Universities headquarters and organized by Cardiff Metropolitan University in cooperation with the European Union with local, regional and international participation.

The platform, an initiative by Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization (TAG-Org), the global organization for professional services and education, will coordinate between students, universities and TAG Educa to provide the best educational consulting services to students.

During the workshop, TAG Educa representatives underlined the services provided by the office in facilitating the provision of the best services to students when applying to universities with special focus on the role of the platform in providing the best services to students who are seeking to exchange experience and views with graduates and registered students.

TAG Educa will act as a link to students wishing to study regularly in schools, colleges and universities and provide assistance to students for the BA, MA and PhD degrees through a network of partner universities, institutions and language centers; in addition to a host of services including visa requirements, housing, testing..etc. 

The two-day workshop was held with the participation of 30 universities from Europe and the Arab world and tackled issues related to education such as the current challenges, exchanging of teachers and providing students living in conflicts zones with education in addition to Syrian refugees.